Western Dhobi Grandeur Laundromat

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Terms & Conditions

The garments will be accepted under the following Terms & Conditions –

  • Two separate washes will not be consider as one load.
  • We are not Responsible for Fastness/Running of color Shrinkage/Damage to Embellishments, Embroidery work on the garments during any process.
  • Many Stains though not visible at the time of receiving the garments become visible only after they are cleaned and pressed and we will do our best to remove them. For e.g : perfume or deodorant. Every effort is made to remove stains, but we will not be responsible for stubborn & unremovable stains.
  • Normal Delivery for Dry Cleaning, Dyeing , Shoe laundry is within 120 hrs and Wash Dry Fold is 48 hrs . Express Delivery within 30 hrs or next day will be charged 100% extra.
  • We shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to any ornament / jewellery fitted on the garments.
  • Shortage of water and electricity cuts can delay delivery. Unclaimed garments would be safely kept with us for maximum period of 30 days after which Western Dhobi Ghat shall not be responsible for the same.
  • Please note that we will not be responsible if the garments are not collected within 15 days from date of delivery.
  • We accept no liability for any loss or damage of the clothes arising due to fire, burglary etc. Customers are requested to examine garments at the time of delivery or within 2hrs of delivery. Any Damage must be brought to notice within 24 hours.
  • In case garments / home lien get damaged or lost in the process we may consider payments of the compensation, which will be limited to 5 times of the wash charge or Rs. 2500 whichever is lower. Ironing and Carry Bags will be charged extra.
  • All taxes and levies as applicable.
  • All disputes are subject to Pune jurisdiction only.
  • In case of any clarification, suggestion, comments, call on 9325323707.