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Multi-Housing Laundry Solutions

WDG Laundromat ventures into multi-housing laundry solutions for residential, hostels, and healthcare centres alike. With effective and efficient solutions provided for different facilities, we bring to you, convenience at your doorstep!

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Residential Facilities

WDG Laundromat is the perfect solution for large apartment complexes looking to provide centralized laundry facilities. We are committed to creating personalized experiences for all our clients and have a rapid response time. Being locally based, we are able to handle all of your laundry needs and will be able to add value to the services you offer to patrons.


Students at hostels can rid themselves of laundry woes and depend on us to provide a variety of services that are affordable and not a pinch on the pocket. Partnering with us, hostels can add a valuable service to their list of amenities offered.


Hospitals and other health care centres require a bulk amount of laundry to be done for a large number of patients. WDG Laundromat can be trusted to take all sanitary and hygiene precautions and provide efficient and systematic laundry solutions for every purpose.

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