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Speed Queen Range

WDG Laundromat

WDG Laundromat joins hands with Speed Queen, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial laundry machines, under the dealership of Straits Laundry to offer the best non-assisted laundry solutions all over Maharashtra.

With a success rate of 94.5% with its equipment, Speed Queen offers laundry equipment which is efficient as well as economical.

Being a leading chain in the laundry sector for 10 years has provided us with knowledge and experience to help you make the best choices for your establishment. Our expertise and prompt service here at WDG Laundromats will enable you to fulfil all your requirements and any queries pre and post-sales.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to set up shop or own a hospitality or health care facility, you can customize the number of machines you would require for each task to be completed. Our hassle-free laundry machines offer the most efficient and cost-effective method for you to set up your laundry station.

We make it simple for YOU
to sort out your LAUNDRY

Sit back and relax, while we get the laundry DONE.

User Friendly

The Speed Queen Machines are designed to facilitate ease of access. The machines can be used by patrons via a coin slot or a card integration system as per the requirement of the establishment.

Zero Pilferage

The machines are designed to monitor the number of cycles completed which helps the business owner to keep track and also have access without being physically present at the establishment.

Reduced Labour Costs

The Speed Queen vended laundry machines address the major challenge of engaging a skilled and intensive labour force as the machines can be self-operated by users.

Focus on Expansion

Minimal overseeing required as well as simple and precise monitoring of machine usage allows business owners to focus on expansion strategies.

We at WDG Laundromat are here to provide you with

superior quality laundry equipment all over Maharashtra!

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