WDG Laundromat

You Wear It, We Wash It

Your Go-To Wash Dry Fold Iron and Wet Cleaning Experts

  • Established – 6th October, 2012

  • Laundromat Establishment Pioneers in Pune

  • Top Quality Services

  • 1 Load – 1 Machine – 1 Customer at a Time

  • Operational for 6 years & counting – 7 Branches in Pune

Western Dhobi Grandeur Landromat (WDG) is a laundry service provider with a diverse range of services. WDG is one of the pioneers in the concept of a laundry service establishment, which is not a self-service provider. Generally, in countries like America and parts of Europe, you find Laundromats, offering self-service for processing your laundry. WDG is unique in its idea and conceptualisation.

WDG was established on 6th Oct. 2012. Anooj Chauhan originated the idea of a Laundromat service in Pune in 2010 and it took 2 years for the idea to materialise into reality. In its initial months, it was challenging to create awareness among the customers about this service. The concept of start-ups was still new and people had their qualms about such a service. However, WDG pushed aside all hurdles and became a successful business in no time.

WDG has been successful in eradicating all customer doubts and concerns and delivering top quality services to all customers. There are no misgivings about hygiene or care of the clothes. We strictly follow the policy of “ONE LOAD – ONE MACHINE – ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME”. This gives assurance about our services. Your clothes are well taken care of and you can be rest assured about every piece of clothing. Another unique feature about WDG is its style of working. We provide our services on the basis of the weight of the clothes. Our charges are calculated on a PER KG Basis. We don’t charge per piece of clothing, like most laundry services do.

WDG has been in operation for 6 years and has been offering the highest quality of services to its customers. There are 7 branches of WDG throughout Pune at present, which makes the city, a hub for Laundromat services.